Selecting the right residence

Every transition I do is unique, designed especially for those involved. Every detail is important. With “Sharing the Jasmin Transition,” I will be sharing real-life experiences to interest you, and perhaps guide you, as you contemplate your own.

How a simple conversation can make a difference

During my first conversation with one couple, the husband said he wanted to live in the same seniors’ residence as his sister-in-law. He thought that, because his wife had Alzheimer’s, it would comfort her immeasurably to have her sister nearby.

Then I asked him: “How specific are that residence’s services for someone with Alzheimer’s?  Will she be well taken care of as her disease evolves? What about her safety? Is there enough one-on-one stimulation? Lots of activities?” He didn’t know. 

The answers we got changed his mind entirely, and they are now happily settled in a different residence that cares beautifully for his wife, giving him peace of mind. 

Conversations with Jasmin Transition are more than simply pleasant. They identify the necessities of one’s well-being now and for the future.