Frequently Asked Questions

Our Answers

What is Jasmin Transition?

Jasmin Transition is a service crafted to meet the changing needs that seniors might face regarding their housing requirements and moving: we can reduce the content of your house, move you from your house to an apartment or to a residence, find a residence with services suited to your needs, or even ensure that, if you desire to stay home, all the components related to safety and homecare are in place. We encourage independent living at home as long as possible.

Who should consider Jasmin Transition?

Our service is designed for seniors and their families. However, there are circumstances when outside professional assistance is desirable. On the one hand, a senior might wish to remain independent and stay at home as long as possible, while on the other hand, their children are not in a position to provide regular support, because they are less accessible for a number of reasons: work, living in another city, travelling abroad, kids’ long days at school, their studies, their activities, to name but a few. These circumstances, among others, are often a source of tension and stress in families. When one needs support or help, friends and/or children are not as available as we would like them to be. Jasmin Transition will take care of everything. Stay ‘Zen’; enjoy the good times with your close ones.

When should I start thinking about my needs and the suitability of my home?

Whatever our age, there is no place like home. Our tastes and needs change as we move along the path of life and a required home transition becomes more stressful and painful. Changes in how seniors occupy or use their homes may be the result of changes in their physical or mental capabilities. A fall on the stairs, neglected housekeeping, a deteriorating property and a sense of isolation, may be signs that one is having difficulties adapting to issues related to aging.

How does Jasmin Transition work?

During the course of our first meeting, we work together to assess your needs and your concerns. Then, we create a plan tailored specifically to your needs that will allow you to live your transition as you wish, at your own rhythm, while maintaining full control over all decisions.

Why should I hire the services of your company when my children and family are ready to do it free of charge?

By all means, if you have access to services without having to pay for them, GO FOR IT! However, you must also keep in mind that your children often lead very full lives (work, kids, house, activities, etc,). Also, they may not be in a position to source or provide all of the services you need in a timely fashion. Your transition (downsizing, moving, relocating) is our priority and together, this is what Jasmin Transition does best!

What will happen if my children do not agree with my transition choices? Who will you listen to?

You are my client and I will carry out your decisions. If there should be a conflict, we will work toward mutually acceptable solutions.