Keeping an eye on you

Anytime I am invited to help an elderly person make a transition, my goal isn’t limited to ensuring a smooth moving day, even though that is an important part of my job. No, my ultimate goal is to secure the person’s best opportunity for continued happiness.

To do that, I do more than ensure the safe handling of a person’s possessions. I strive to ensure that the place they are moving to is right for them. Then I do my best to lighten their load before, during and after the move.

That is achieved in many ways, including involving the person in decision-making, encouraging them to view this new beginning in a positive way, and having a great team to conduct the operations promptly in a cohesive way.

The Jasmin Transition approach

Helping and conducting a full transition a to z; it’s big, it’s a huge emotional experience.

It’s difficult, bringing someone from one place to another, and when I close that door behind me and turn the key, I feel the weight of the responsibility lifted and an opening for their new life. Everything I could do to ease the burden for the client has been done.

Every detail is important; every person is unique — and the feeling of satisfaction at seeing their happiness is grandiose.