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For a lot of people, downsizing means moving from big to small with everything they own. Save yourself a ton of stress by […]

When downsizing, people are surprised to realize just how many clothes they have crammed into various closets and drawers. When it’s time to […]

Waiting until the last minute to make decisions about what to bring on moving day triggers both stress and indecision. If space is […]

Making the decision on whether or not to move when you’re elderly, or frail, or suddenly in great need, can feel overwhelming. Assessing […]

One 92-year-old client had all her wits, but serious macular degeneration. I realized that it was extremely difficult for her to visualize how […]

Speak the truth lovingly will make transitions easier It isn’t easy to care for an aging parent. It’s even harder to tell them […]

Every transition I do is unique, designed especially for those involved. Every detail is important. With “Sharing the Jasmin Transition,” I will be […]

What’s most important for the elderly? Security, whether staying in the home, or downsizing to an apartment or residence.  Security is number one […]

Estate dispersal can be a real worry. Or, worse, it can provoke long-lasting rifts within families. The good news? It doesn’t have to. […]

She didn’t have a lot of money but, after 50 years living in one building, one client had many acquaintances in the neighborhood. […]

In the last blog, I talked about how confidence and whether or not you feel lonely are important to know when deciding where […]

Does your home feel too big? Is the upkeep too much and the stairs exhausting? Have you lost a spouse? Are you becoming […]

Anytime I am invited to help an elderly person make a transition, my goal isn’t limited to ensuring a smooth moving day, even […]

Are you feeling listless? Headachy? Not yourself? Maybe the temperature is getting to you. It’s especially easy for seniors, who are more susceptible […]