Jasmin Transition assists seniors and families in all aspects of home transitions
How can we help you?

Pictogramme Downsizing

Managing the transition to a smaller residence

Our specialists will help you downsize, give or sell items that you no longer find any use for and make sure you keep furniture and objects that you really cherish. More

Pictogramme Relocalisation

Planning a successful home transition

We will help in identifying your new home, plan visits as well as gather information related to costs, services, availabilities and government reimbursement programs. More

Pictogramme Déménagement

A well planned and worry free move

We listen to your needs. Our team of professionals will ensure a well planned move all the way to a full resettling in your new home.

Pictogramme Liquidation

Inventory and estate disposal

Following the death of a loved one, a debilitating disease, we can take care of the dispersal of the estate belongings according to the demands of either the family, the notary or the executor. More


Maintaining your safety and comfort in your home

Our team will evaluate your needs and make sure the proper technical needs are in place to ensure your security in your home  More

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