Own your life for as long as you can!

Making the decision on whether or not to move when you’re elderly, or frail, or suddenly in great need, can feel overwhelming. Assessing yourself honestly helps lead to the right solution.

One 84 year-old client was used to living alone at home in her mid-sized town, but when she had a stroke her worried adult children pressed her to move into a residence. None of them lived near enough to check on mom regularly, or dash over if necessary.

But the woman’s recovery went well; she still felt young and perky.
Using a walker to steady herself, she resumed grocery shopping, doing errands, and visiting friends. At home, she began living solely on the main floor, to reduce the risk of falls.

You’ve got to be able to own your life, as much as possible. With Jasmin Transition’s help, tweaking the house to meet her changing needs, she was able to make herself happy while allaying her children’s fears.