Estate disperal made easy!

Estate dispersal can be a real worry. Or, worse, it can provoke long-lasting rifts within families. The good news? It doesn’t have to.

Moving late in life is a golden opportunity to take stock of precious possessions and decide who will inherit them when the time comes. 


You’ve pulled a lifetime of possessions out of furniture, cupboards, and drawers in preparation for moving. It’s the ideal time to do an inventory: as you proceed, jot down a list of all valuables, or snap pictures of them.

Enlist the aid of those helping you move. If family is pitching in, now’s the time to discuss who wants what. 

A discreet sticker or mark on an invisible part of the item assures that everyone knows your wishes. Or simply put names on your list of valuables and store it with your will and make sure it is in good hands.


Moving can be an unsettling experience. Memory trouble further complicates things; it can be hard to remember what you brought with you. 

Also, seniors moving to a residence may be surprised to learn that many people can enter their room when they are out. Cleaners have a passkey, as do nursing staff and other caregivers.

The inventory brings added comfort by giving you and your family a physical record should anything go missing during or after the move.