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Whatever our age or health condition, there is no place like home... and this is a truly important component of our happiness.

Yet there comes a time when you realize that your house or apartment has become a burden: some rooms are not used anymore, the stairway is a little more exhausting, physical strength is not what is used to be, a sudden death or illness may have occurred, and so on. These elements and many more will encourage you to rethink your life and adopt a style of home living more appropriate to your needs.

Changing residence and moving seniors is a home transition process which can generate a great deal of stress: for example, letting go of 20 or 30 years of souvenirs, parting with long-term furniture and objects that are no longer useful, giving things away or selling them, packing and moving. This process can be long and tiring, and often the senior will not want to become a burden to the family. At Jasmin Transition, we understand the emotional cost associated with leaving your home.

Our greatest pleasure is to simplify your life!


Jasmin Transition has enhanced expertise in the health sector, including resources for people with Alzheimer's, MS, Parkinson's, dementia as well as for other debilitating disease. Our professionals are involved in fields related to home transitions, including move coordinators, home stagers, movers, handy men and electricians, real estate brokers, etc.


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